Emoticons sind Sonderzeichen mit deren Hilfe man Gesichtsausdrücke also Emotionen ausdrücken kann!
Das bekannteste ist wohl der Smily bestehen aus Semikolon, Bindestrich und Klammer-Zu
;-) bedeuted Lächeln, Augenzwinkern
Hier noch ein paar:

!-( Black Eye
!.'V (Profile) Flat Top
#-) Brett Vorm Kopf
#:-) Someone With Matted Hair
#:-O Same As Previous
#:O+= Betty Boop
$-) Yuppie-Simley - F.E. Alex P. Keaton (From "Family Ties")
%') After Drinking A Fifth For Lunch
%*@:-( Hung Over
%+{ From The Loser Of A Fight
%-(|) Laughing Out Loud
%-) After Staring At The Terminal For 36 Hours
%-6 Braindead
%-<|> Drunk With Laughter
%-| Been Working All Night
%-~ Picasso
%V Picasso Strikes Again!
&-| Tearful
&.(.. Weeping
&:-) Message From A Person With Curly Hair
'-) Wink
':-) Moving Left Eyebrow
'~;E Unspecified 4-Legged Critter
(-) Needs A Haircut
(-: Australian
(-::-) Siamese Twins - Variation 1
(-:|:-) Siamese Twins - Variation 2
(-_-) Secret Smile
(8)->-< "Hi There!" #1 (Wearing Glasses)
(8-) Wears Glasses
(8-O Mr. Bill
(: (=| Wearing A Ghost Costume
(:)-) Scuba Diving
(:)->-< "Hi There!" #2 (Standing, Looking, Waving & Smiling)
(:)8>-< "Hi There!" #3 (Female Edition ... he he he)
(:+) Big Nose
(:-# Said Something He Shouldn'T Have Said
(:-$ Message Indicating Person Is Ill
(:-& Message Indicating Person Is Veeery Angry
(:-( Message Indicating Person Is Sad
(:-* Kissy-Kissy (You Know What That Means!)
(:-... Heart-Breaking Message...
(:-D Old Blabber Mouth (How Funny)
(:-I Egghead
(:- Extremely Sad
(:-{~ Bearded
(:-|K- Formal Message.
(:<) Message Concerning Old Blabber Mouths (Once Again)
(:=) TWO Noses (How D'Ya Do Thaaat??)
(:>-< Message From A Theif: Hands Up!
(:I Egghead (Where The Hell Is His Nose?)
(:^( Message Concerning People With Broken Noses
(@ @) You'Re Kidding!
(O--< A Fishy Message...
(V)=| Pacman Champion (Won A Three-Weeks-Contest!)
(|:-) Messages Dealing With Bicycle Helmets
)8-) Scuba Smiley Big-Face
):-( Unsmiley Big-Face
):-) Smiley Big-Face
*!#*!^*&:-) A Schizophrenic
*-( Cyclops Got Poked In The Eye
*:* Message About Fuzzy Things (Fuzzy Logic Or What?)
*:** Message About Fuzzy Things With Mustaches
*:O) Bozo The Clown (Hohoho) - Variation 1
*<.'V (Profile) Wearing Snow Cap
*<|:-) Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)
+-(:-) The Pope
+<.'V (Profile) Knight Of The Round Table
+<:) Preacher In A Small Village
+<:-| Message From A Monk/Nun...
+<||-) Knight Of The Round Table
+O:-) The Pope (With A Silly Cap)
,-) Wink Again
,.'V (Profile) Has Short Hair
,:-) Moving Right Eyebrow
- Helen Keller (Who On Earth Is That????)
- @= Messages About Nuclear War ("Sorry, It'S All Over!")
-) Jose Feliciano (Dunno That Guy, D'Ya?)
---...--- S.O.S (Mixed Up)
-:-( Punk Rocker (Real Punk Rockers Don'T Smile)
-:-) Has Mohawk (And Smiles)
-= A Doused Candle To End A Flame
-=#:-) Wizard
.'! (Profile) Has Grimm
.'" (Profile) Pursing Lips (To Whistle Etc.)
.'J (Profile) Smiling
.'P (Profile) Sticking Tounge Out
.'R (Profile) Sticking Tounge Out
.'T (Profile) Keeping A Straight Face
.'V (Profile) Shouting
.'v (Profile) Talking
.'V (Profile) Yawning
.'w (Profile) Speaking With Forked Tongue
.'y (Profile) Whistling
.' (Profile) Frowning
.-) Sammy Davis, Jr. (Ooooooooooooooh No ...)
.-] One Eye Again
...---... S.O.S. (The Right Stuff)
./ Duck Variation
.^V (Profile) Pointy Nose
._) Suffering From Lorentz Contractions
/:-| Mr. Spock
0-) Cyclops - Variation 1
2B|^2B Message About Shakespeare (Working On Hamlet?)
3:*> Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer (Very Famous Character!)
3:-O Cow
3:O[ Pet Smiley - Variation 1
3:[ Mean Pet Smiley
3:] Pet Smiley - Variation 2
4:-) George Washington
5:-) Elvis Presley
6/) Elephant
7:-) Ronald Reagan
8 Infinity
8 :-) Wizard
8 :-I Unix-Wizards (More Wizardish Than Other Wizards)
8(:-) Walt Disney'S Mickey Mouse
8) Frog
8-# Death
8-) Message Indicating User Would Rather Like To Go Swimming
8---) Pinoccio #3: Wearing Glasses
8-O "Omigod!!" (Done After "Rm -Rf *" ?)
8-] "Wow, Maaan"
8-| Eyes Wide With Surprise
8:)->-< "Hi There!" #4 (Cute Little Girlie)
8:-) Glasses On Forehead
8:] Gorilla
8=:-) Chef Of The Steigenberger'S Kitchen - Variation 1
8===> Dickhead
8@( A Goofy-Style Smiley #1 ... But Not Smiling Yet
8@) A Goofy-Style Smiley #2 ... Or Was It The Nice Guy From Next Door?
8@b A Goofy-Style Smiley #3 ... Sticking Tongue Out
8@D A Goofy-Style Smiley #4 ... Laughing Out Loud
8B Bullfrog In Mating Season
: ) Leper
:###) Jimmy Durante (Remember?)
:$) Donald Trump (Cash, Cash, Cash Etc.)
:%) A Chartered Accountant
:%)% Has Acne (Poor Guy, I Say!)
:'-( Crying
:'-) Crying With Happiness
:( Sad Salamander
:) Cheshire Cat Smiley
:)<... :)<... Nymphomaniac
:* Kisses (Wow, Anytime Again!)
:*) Ed McMahon (Or Just Someone Clowning Around)
:+( Punched Nose, Hurt
:+) Carl Friedrich Gauss (No Punched Nose)
:,( Crying
:- Male
:-! Bland Face
:-" Heavy Smoker (Lips Burned Or What?)
:-# Censored (Wanted To Say "........")
:-#| Bushy Mustache
:-$ My Lips Are Sealed (If You Pay Cash ...)
:-% Banker (Credit Cards Not Accepted)
:-& Tongue-Tied
:-' Smoker
:-'| Has A Cold
:-( Unhappy
:-( ) You Backed Your Car Over My Toe
:-( :-) :-(.. Manic Depressive
:-(*) Sick Of Netnews Articles, About To Vomit
:-(0) Yelling
:-(:::) Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla ...
:-(=) Message About People With Big Teeth
:-(O) Yelling Once Again
:-) Smiley Standard (Based Upon Willie Shoemaker)
:-) 8 Dolly Parton (Harrharrharr)
:-) < Slut
:-) > Celibate
:-) --- John Holmes
:-) :-) Loud Guffaw
:-)!!! Sam Kinnison (Who'S That Again?)
:-)' Drooling
:-)) Double Chin
:-))) Very Overweight (Tripple Chin) Like William Conrad
:-)-- 98-Pound Weakling
:-)-8 Big Girl - Variation 1
:-)-{8 Big Girl - Variation 2
:-)-}8 Big Girl - Variation 3 (Not Enough, Is It?)
:-)8 Man With Bowtie - Variation 1
:-)8 Well Dressed
:-)= Bearded User
:-)== Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr.Universum)
:-)X Wearing A Bowtie - Variation 2
:-)} Has Goatee/Beard
:-)~ Drooling
:-* Oops! (Covering Mouth With Hand)
:-, Never Knowing What To Say But Smirking The American Way!
:--) Jamie Farr (Klinger From M*A*S*H)
:---) Pinoccio #1: Standard Smiley
:-------( Pinoccio #2: After Extreme Lying
:---6 Pinoccio #6: Sticking Tongue Out
:---7 Pinoccio #8: Talking The American Way
:---D Pinoccio #7: Talking And Lying On And On And On ...
:---O Pinoccio #5: Surprised
:-.)8 Cindy Crawford (tee-hee)
:-/ That Punch Line Was A Bit Predictable!
:-0 No Yelling! (Quiet Lab)
:-1 Smirks
:-3) Another Moustache
:-6 After Eating Something Sour
:-7 Talking Out Of Side Of Mouth (Typical American)
:-8 Talking Out Both Sides Of Your Mouth (Typical Italian)
:-8( Condescending Stare
:-9 Licking His Lips
:-: Mutant, Alien - Scary, Scary, Scary!
:-< Forlorn
:-=| Adolph Hitler (He'S German, Ey?)
:-> Biting Sarcastic Face
:-? Smoking A Pipe
:-@ Beard Has Permanent Wave *Or* Was Drawn By Picasso.
:-a Lefty Smilely Touching Tongue To Nose
:-B Drooling (Or Overbite)
:-b Left-Pointing Tongue
:-c Bummed Out
:-C Unbelieving (Jaw Dropped)
:-d Lefty Smiley Razzing You
:-D Said With A Smile
:-d~ Smokes Heavily
:-E Bucktoothed Vampire
:-e Disappointed
:-E Has Major Dental Problems
:-F Big Bucktoothed Vampire With One Tooth Missing
:-f Little Bucktoothed Vampire With One Tooth Missing
:-G- Smoking Cigarettes
:-I It'S Something, But I Don'T Know What...
:-i Semi-Smiley
:-j Left Smiling
:-J Toungue-In-Cheek Comments
:-k Beats Me, Looks Like Something
:-l YAS (Yet Another Smiley)
:-M Speaking No Evil
:-o "Oh, Noooooo!" (A La Mr. Bill)
:-O Singing ... Big Mouth (Like Mick Jagger)
:-P I'V Got A Secret To Tell You - Nyah Nyah Nyah!!
:-p Smiley Sticking Its Tongue Out (At You!)
:-p~ Smokes Very, Very Heavily ...
:-Q Smokes With Big Mouth
:-q Trying To Touch Tongue To Nose
:-Q~ Smoking Two Cigrates At A Time!
:-r Bleahhh (Sticking Tongue Out - Guess At Whom!)
:-R Has The Flu
:-s After A BIZARRE (...) Comment
:-S User Just Made An Incoherent Statement
:-t Cross Smiley
:-T Keeping A Straight Face (Tight-Lipped)
:-V Just Another Face (Shouting) Profiled From The Side
:-v Just Another Face (Speaking) Profiled From The Side
:-W Shout With Forked Tongue
:-w Speak With Forked Tongue
:-x "My Lips Are Sealed"
:-X "Oooh, Shut Up!"
:-x Kissy Kissy Kissy (Again And Again)
:-Y A Quiet Aside
:-y YAS (Yet Another Smiley)
:-z YACS (Yet Another Cross Smiley)
:-[ Count Dracula (Is Out On You!!)
:- Popeye (You Know, That Spinach Guy!)
:-] Biting Sarcasm (Uh-Oh, What A Charming Personality)
:-` Spitting Out Chewing Tobacco
:-{ Count Dracula (After Dinner)
:-{#} Messages Teasing People About Their Braces
:-{) Standard Moustache Smiley
:-{} Heavy Lipstick (Kissy, Kissy ?)
:-{~ Has Read Too Many Of The Toilet Paper Articles Previous To Lunch
:-| "Have An Ordinary Day"
:-|| An Angry Guy!
:-} "Thish Wine Tashted Pretty Good" (...)
:-~) Has A Cold (Sniff, Sniff, Sniff) - Nevertheless Happy
:/ Really Mixed Up
:/) Not Funny
:/7) Cyrano De Bergerac (Starring Gerard Depardieu)
:/i No Smoking Allowed In This Board
:3-< Doggy
:8) Piggy
::-) Wears Glasses
:< What Pretences!
:<() African Tribesman
:<) From An Ivy League School
:<= Walrus - Or Whatsoever
:<| Attends An Ivy League School
:= | Baboon - Variation 1
:=) Has Two Noses (Ever Seen?)
:=8) Baboon - Variation 2
:> Hmm, Let Me Think...
:>) Big Nose
:?) Philosopher
:@ What?
:@) Pig
:C What?
:D Laughter
:I Hmmm, Not Funny!
:n) Funny-Looking Right Nose
:O Yelling
:Q Whaddayamean?
:Q) John Q. Public
:u) Funny-Looking Left Nose
:V Woodpecker
:v) Left-Pointing Nose (Very Realistic)
:V) Woody Woodpecker
:X) Hearing No Evil
:[ Real Downer
:] A Friendly Midget Smiley Who Will Gladly Be Your Friend
:^) Messages Teasing People About Their Noses
:^D "Great! I Like It!"
:^{ For Those With Mustaches
:_) I Used To Be A Boxer, But It Really Got My Nose Out Of Joint
:{ Oh Boy, The Headmaster!...
:} What Should We Call These? (What?)
:~( Nose Put Out Of Joint
:~) Pointy Nose (Righty)
:~i Smoking
:~j Smoking (And Smiling)
;( Crying
;-( Beaten Up
;-) Wink II
;- Really Beaten Up
;-| Beaten Up But Silent
;:-( Sceptic (Sad)
;:-) Sceptic (Smiling)
;:-< Sceptic (Angry)
;:-> Sceptic (Grinning)
;:-| Sceptic (Neutral)
;^? Punched Out
<&&> Message Concerning Rubber Chickens
<:-( Disappointed
<:-) The Right Smiley For Dumb Questions
<:-)<<| Message From A Space Rocket...
<:-I Dunce - Variation 1
<:-O Eeek!
<:>== A Turkey
<:I Dunce - Variation 2
<<<<(:-) Message From A Hat Sales-Man...